Seasonal Sisters Podcast

Are you ready to prioritize your health? You are in the right place. Welcome to the Seasonal Sisters Podcast. I’m your host Janice Saunders, a Certified Life Coach and the founder of The Seasonal Healthy Habits Collective. In this show, we talk about how to maximize the health of your body, communicate what matters most and connect more deeply with ourselves and others. I will provide the scientifically proven tools, strategy, and all the "WOO" you need to intentionally add healthy habits to your daily living.

Seasonal Sisters understand that being healthy is more than how much you exercise and what you eat. I’m here to show you how to boost your confidence and up-level your joy. This show is for you if you are a woman of color and feel you could be healthier and have more energy to continue building the career and life you desire. Reaching your life and health goals by working smarter and not harder is possible. Your journey to better health starts right here.